Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Creative Management


S-Trip! Brochure Re-Design

Creative Direction & Lead Designer: Amy Killoran
Copywriter: Derek Champoux
Assistant Graphic Design: James Ragudo
Project Supervisor: Jay Hamilton
Graphic Design Intern: Kyle Gorman
Designer & Branding: James Ragudo
Photographers: Danielle Dasilva, Me Gusta Photography
Illustrator: Antoine Corbineau


Professional group photo shoots are the top priority for all S-Trip! photographers.

Professional group photo shoots are the top priority for all S-Trip! photographers.

S-Trip! Photography

Hiring, training and managing all S-Trip! photographers. During busy seasons this can be up to 12 photographers working around the world at once.



S-Trip! Custom Uniforms

Custom uniforms created for S-Trip!'s hundreds of Trip Leaders who travel with first time travellers and students to areas in the Caribbean and Europe.

The uniform needs:
- Very visible and recognizable on mountains, beaches, and at night events
- Incorporate the love for travel and something staff will love to wear
- Highly branded and stand out from the crowd

What we created:
- Totally custom dyed, sewn, and printed uniform
- Hidden 'staff mantra' hidden on the reverse of all shirts and hoodies that is positioned for the wearer to read
- The kit includes: 2 t-shirts, 1 tank top, 1 hoodie, 1 Get REAL hat, a branded staff Herschel backpack, lanyard and name badge
- Something so popular that early samples were swiped from our desks and we had orders for extras

Creative Direction: Jay Hamilton
Art Direction: Amy Killoran
Production Assistant: Sabrina Silveira
Production: Bruzer



S-Trip! Merchandise and Prizing

Branded Destination Collateral and Student Prizing for the 2014 Destination Season

Items include, but are not all shown below, sunglasses, towels, drawstring bags, banners, tents, hats, wristbands, flags, smart phone speakers, graffiti shirts, beach balls, frisbees, tattoos, etc.

Work created for use on S-Trip!'s epic Grad Trips overseas to the Caribbean and Europe.

Graphic Design: Amy Killoran
Production: Genumark