The Get REAL Movement


Limited Edition Beer Label Illustrations

I am proud to have worked with The Get REAL Movement on a #Pride collaboration with Mill Street Brewery. Get REAL launched a deliciously session-able summer IPA called "The Friendly Neighbour". We designed each bottle to be a little bit different, because we all bring something special to the table, and we're all deserving of kindness, compassion, and respect. Cheers!

Amy worked with the Executive Director of The Get REAL Movement, Chris Studer to bring their vision to life. Working within the constraints of Mill Street's production, and tight timelines, the series of illustrations came to life with bold colour, unique persona's, and a unifying concept.

Client: The Get REAL Movement
Brewer: Mill Street Brewery
Label Production: Sherwood Copy
Videographer: Matheus Moreno
Illustration and Design: Amy Killoran

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Get REAL x Mill Street Collab: The Friendly Neighbour IPA

Illustrations by Amy Killoran

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014