Work + Life Interview Series

Work + Life is an interview series giving insight into career paths for non-traditional roles. When I was in school it was difficult to see what any chosen career path would really look like, and I barely knew the kinds of roles that existed in my field. This series gives a glimpse into the day-to-day life of work, uncovers the best (and worst) parts of the job, looks into personal career paths, and introduces us to driven people in interesting places.

Julie Ross
Carly Watt

Writing & Photography: Amy Killoran



Work + Life Interview Series
with Julie Ross

The gloriously positive @heyjulesxo is the latest feature in my 'Work + Life' series! She talks about what it means to be a 'Culture Coordinator', and get some great career advice from someone who has been called "The best person ever" by pretty much everyone she knows.

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Work + Life Interview Series
with Carly Watt

It's a great day! just published the first feature in the brand new 'Work + Life' series featuring @carloswattski, Producer @ Kids' CBC. Head to to see what it took to get the job, Carly's love of puppets (seen here), and the surprising way she boosts her confidence.

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